North School Preservation Society

"Preserving the Past for the Future"


A special thank you to all of you who helped us this year with your generous donations, volunteer time, and purchases made at our fundraising sales. Your help allows us to continue keeping the 5.5 acre North School park and playground open to the public 7 days a week, year round.

Email us at
Mailing Address:  NSPS,   PO Box 107,  North Springfield, Vt. 05150


Our regular monthly meetings are held March thru November on the first Tuesday of each month
in the Ice Skaters' Warming Hut, beginning at 6:30 pm.
Anyone is welcome to attend.

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We are seeking new volunteers to help with one or more of our 4 Saturday fundraising sales in 2018. We don't put any pressure on our volunteers, all are free to choose whatever amount of spare time they wish to put in. Even a single hour is fine.

Other ways to help out include contributing food for the refreshment table -- home baked treats, fruit, cheese, crackers, etc. Also seeking donations of books, plants and good used salable merchandise. Most anything but clothing and heavy furniture/appliances.

Also looking for volunteers with experience in applying for grants and creative writing talent to contribute to our newsletter.

We would like to set up one classroom as a museum showing how it looked back in the middle of the 20th century. We are looking for donations of old desks, school books, and any other elementary school related memorabilia that might fit with the period. Also copies of old photos taken at North School and write-ups of your North School memories would be much appreciated.

Email us at
Mailing Address:  NSPS,   PO Box 107,  North Springfield, Vt. 05150

Board of Directors
North School Preservation Society

President: Richard Willard
Vice-President: Francine Provost
Treasurer: Virginia Ricker
Secretary: (needed)
Resident Agent: Margery Burbank

Allen "Chip" Woods, Margery Burbank,
Andrea Cook

Active Volunteers:
Edwin Fransen, Christy Gilchrist,   Maurice Gilchrist,   Marion Harlow,  
Dorothy Garland,   Linda Kingsbury,   Fred Kingsbury,   Rev. George Keeler


North School

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Mailing Address:
NSPS,   PO Box 107,  North Springfield, Vt. 05150

Contact person: Margery Burbank, resident agent     Phone: (802) 886-1121

Alternate contact: Francine Provost     Phone: (802) 886-1186

Email us at:

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In Memoriam

Bill Hannah

November 14, 1942
- March 7, 2017

Vice President

Click Here for more about Bill

Jean Willard

March 11, 1927
- March 21, 2017


Click Here for more about Jean

Earl Davis, Jr.

November 12, 1943
- May 10, 2017

Dedicated Volunteer

Click Here for more about Earl

Video: Jean Willard Tribute

A musical tribute to Jean Willard, founder of the North School Preservation Society. She passed away one year ago today March 21st at age 90. Sung by David Giardina, a New York City entertainer. He vacations in southern Vermont every July and has expressed an interest in putting on a benefit show for our organization. Would you come?

Springfield Vermont History Links

Google maps

Images of America - SPRINGFIELD

30 pages from Rosanne Putnam's new profusely illustrated book about Springfield's past.

Glimpses of Springfield in the Past and Present

Excerpts from a lengthy article published in the May 1907 issue of The Vermonter magazine.

PDF logo

Early History of Springfield

From the Gazetteer of Windsor County, Vt., for 1883-84.

Old Maps of Springfield

Three maps of the town published in the 1800's. Reproduced here large enough to wander through neighborhoods.

History of the Town of Springfield

An entire 618 page book online. Or download a copy in PDF form for free. Published in 1895, authored by Charles Hubbard and Justus Dartt.   (For other digital formats, click here )

Folklore of Springfield

All 177 pages of the book by Mary Eva Baker published in 1922.

1905 Annual Town Report

Reproduced in its entirety online, it is a record of town business for that year since the 1904 town meeting. Also lists the names of residents who were born, married or died in that period.

1910 Annual Town Report

100 page booklet online, includes vital statistics for the year.

1920 Annual Town Report

130 page booklet online, includes vital statistics for the year.

The Slack Shoddy Mill

There was actually little slacking off or shoddiness associated with this woolen mill of a bygone era.

The Fellows Gear Shaper

The story behind this distinctive landmark, with photos.

Fellows Gear Shaper

Another one with similar brief information but different photos.

Lindbergh Day 1927

The visit by Col. Charles Lindbergh over 80 years ago produced the largest crowd ever to gather in Springfield, not to mention the widest photo ever.

Old photos of Springfield, 1940 - 1970

Over 100 photos of buildings and street scenes taken by Bernie Lashua, the town's best known photographer of the 20th century.

Leland Block / Ellis Block

A bunch of photos showing the north side of the town square as it appeared from the early 1900s to 2008.

Springfield Electric Railway

Back to the days of the "Toonerville Trolley". Includes movie clips of two trains in action.

Springfield Electric / Terminal Railway Company

More about the town's former railway system.

Early aviation

The beginning of Hartness Airport.

Seven Monuments Project

Exploring a legend in the surrounding hills of Springfield.

Secrets of the Hartness House

What's beneath the famous Inn.

Mystery Of The Stone Chamber

Who built this Elm Hill structure and why?

Native Americans in Vermont: the Abenaki

A bit of history about those who were here long before the first white settlers.

Downtown Historic District

58 buildings downtown named with detailed descriptions of each.

General Lewis R. Morris/Barry/Mollica House

This imposing house erected for General Lewis Morris is located by the Connecticut River.

Lockwood-Boynton House/Brookwood Estate

A former tavern and dancehall in the quiet village of North Springfield.

Eureka Schoolhouse

Oldest one room schoolhouse in Vermont.

History of the Miller Art Center

A brief summary of how it came to be.

Antique Wood Dolls of Springfield Vermont

Toys were once a big industry in Springfield.

Historical manual of the Congregational Church

The early history with list of all local members up to the year 1869.


The North Springfield Baptist Church

An historical sketch written in 1880.

History of the Players

The Springfield Community Players have been around longer than most people realize.

The Flanders Ballad Collection

Helen Flanders Hartness was appointed by the state to collect thousands of traditional VT folksongs.

The Telescope Makers of Springfield, Vermont

A 1923 article by Springfield's pioneer astronomer Russell Porter.

A Brief History of Stellafane

Site of the annual national amatuer telescope makers' convention.

Crown Point Country Club

Heritage and early history of the local golf course.

Springfield Ski Club

A small tow rope ski area that operated in town for over 30 years.

Diary of Ada May Grimshaw

A glimpse into day to day living in 1915 Springfield.

The Simpsons Springfield Vermont

A big Hollywood movie premiere in small town Vermont.

Springfield Howard Johnson's

It was torn down a few years ago but this video tour (without sound) brings back the memories.

Springfield Theater

A look inside the theater as it appeared a decade ago.

North Springfield Graded School History Timeline

A look back over a century of North School.

Did we miss anything good?

If so, send us the link and maybe we'll add it here. Also able to easily create new history webpages about Springfield for those who care to take the time to author one and submit it. No charge, and you may include photos too. Email address:

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